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Hunan Green And Innovative Materials Co.,Ltd

The Leader in Stainless Steel Industrial Piping

        Our Company locates in Loudi city, Hunan province, which is known as the "Pearl of Hunan". The registered capital of the enterprise is 120 million RMB, covering an area of 130,000 square meters. We are a collection of enterprise of researching and developing new stainless steel material, researching of stainless steel application, producing stainless steel industrial welding pipe, making sea water desalination equipment and high-end heat exchange equipments


High efficiency pitted pipe refers to make enhancement to the ordinary inside and outside smooth surface of the heat exchange tube, so that the overall heat exchange effect can be significantly improved.

High Efficiency Heat Exchange Pipe


Ultrapure ferrite corrosion resistant heat exchange tube refers to the corrosion resistant heat exchange tube using ultrapure ferrite as material.Ultra-pure ferrite stainless steel has strong resistance to cl-stress corrosion

For some fields of fluid transportation which have special requirements for corrosion resistance, the pipes made from super pure ferrite or duplex steel materials with good corrosion resistance are used as a fluid delivery pipe

We can produce all kinds of stainless steel precision welded tubes and precision mechanical tubes for automotive engines and precision machinery.

Stainless steel continuous profiled coil. we can produce it in various material such as austenitic, ferrite, duplex steel and other different materials.

Application Field

2019年2月28日,在由国家科技部、国家科学技术奖励工作办公室、中国民营科技促进会联合举办的“2017年度民营科技发展贡献奖”颁奖大会上,由湖南格仑新材股份有限公司自主独立研发的《海水淡化自给系统的研发与应用项目》荣获“国家科技进步奖”。     在颁奖大会上,国家科技部韩德乾副部长对湖南格仑新材股份有限公司自成立以来不断致力于科技创新予以充分肯定,并鼓励我司积极响应国家号召,做民营企业科技排头兵。