Lianbin west street, Loudi City, Hunan Province, China 417000


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1Professional enterprise to manufacture industrial stainless steel tubes for heat exchangers
10 years of professional manufacturing experience, focus on the production of industrial stainless steel heat exchange
2Leading production scale and hardware strength in the industry
With an annual capacity of 30,000 tons, have the leading equipments in China and a good delivery capacity
Leading scientific research strength and technology level in the industry
The stainless steel material research and development test base with the top experts , Leading technology of super-pure ferrite, duplex steel, super austenite and other special stainless steel welding process .
4Strict product quality control system
Qualified suppliers of CNNC, qualified suppliers of nuclear power in Taiwan, qualified suppliers of Chinese military, licensed enterprises of arms and equipment, PED certification of EU.
Technical Strength