Food hygiene grade fluid pipe

The pipe has undergone annealing, internal weld leveling, internal and external surface polishing process. Widely used in food hygiene grade fluid pipeline system.


For condenser or heat exchanger equipment

S44660 export nuclear power pipe

S44660 series replace titanium tube, navy brass tube. Brass pipe, super austenitic stainless steel pipe and super duplex stainless steel pipe. The products are mainly used in the condenser, heat exchange pipe, seawater desalination, salt industry, chemical industry with high chloride ion in coastal power station.

duplex stainless steel pipe

The inner and outer walls of the product are polished and cleaned to make the inner and outer surfaces of the product meet the requirements of medical and sanitary grade.

Corrosion-resistant fluid delivery pipe

In some fluid conveying applications with special requirements for corrosion resistance, the use of fluid conveying pipes made of ultra-pure ferrite or dual-phase steel materials with good corrosion resistance can significantly increase the use of pipelines and equipment during use. Service life.

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